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Cigar Humidor Filtration

Have you ever noticed mold, white powder or “dust” settling on your cigars in your humidor? It’s because of the water. It makes all the difference! Water that is too acidic or contains minerals can wreak havoc on your valuable inventory. We can help you drastically improve the longevity and appeal of your cigars simply by addressing your water quality issues.

A great cigar becomes an average cigar at best if it does not maintain its natural flavor, aroma, or original quality.

The ability to maintain a cigar as close as possible to its original state is determined by two factors:

  1. Relative humidity level in the environment (ideally 64-72%)
  2. The purity of the water used to humidify the environment

Using tap water in your humidor can cause the following problems:

  • formation of “white dust,” mineral deposits, bacteria, or mold
  • more frequent cleaning and premature aging of your humidification system (due to rust, clogged pores, electrostatic discharge, or dust)
  • cigar quality and taste adversely affected from chemicals in the water

While distilled water may be a reasonable alternative, reverse osmosis water is the best choice. Distilled water may contain minerals and other contaminants and is also slightly acidic. On the other hand, reverse osmosis produces the some of the purest water available at an expected neutral pH of 7.

Get our proprietary PureTex® Reverse Osmosis Humidor Filtration System today and start experiencing these benefits:

  • Eliminate potential health and sanitation issues
  • Improve the appearance of your cigars
  • Dramatically increase cigar inventory shelf life
  • Maintain the original quality, flavor, and aroma of your cigars

Join our several hundred other satisfied cigar humidor clients. Protect your investment. Give your customers the best cigar experience possible.


Reverse Osmosis Humidor Filtration System

NOW ONLY $299!* 

Our system comes with detailed instructions and is very easy to install. No special technical experience is required. We are available M-F, 9:30-5 PM CST to answer any questions you may have. Click on the envelope or call us at the listed at the top right of your screen.

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I’ve been working with Texas Drinking Water Systems for 4 years. They have been nothing but helpful any time we’ve ever needed anything. They call me when we were due for our next filter changes. I let them know how many filters I need and they get them out ASAP.

We serve 40+ tobacco stores that have humidors where we keep thousands of dollars of cigars. Until we found these Texas water filter systems we were having trouble with water issues. We were having mold and mildew in the water which affected everything in the humidor. We replace the filters once every quarter. By using Texas Drinking Water Systems’ filters everything has been perfect. Plus we save money by not buying distilled water.

Texas Drinking Water Systems is a good company to work with I appreciate their business.

– Jason R., Maintenance supervisor, Tobacco Beverage Company, Nampa Idaho

Check out this helpful link that is considered one of the best all-inclusive resources for everything related to cigar storage:


NOTICE: *Plus shipping (shipping will be waived if you sign up for our filter auto ship program–1 yr commitment, ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING)

I’m so glad that Texas Jaguar is services in Burlison area I wouldn’t want anybody else taking care of my mother system and I’ve been a big help my husband had to have special diet and special things for his needs before he passed away and they certainly have blank and his life with their their water the water system my sellers and I appreciate all their help to good people and I always do what they say they’re going to do and I always take care of you in the best possible life thank you
Claudene Buford
20:59 28 Mar 18
We had Texas Drinking Water install a water softener and reverse osmosis system back in the 2005 timeframe. The system has worked very well over the years and I've previously done the filter changes myself when it was needed. This year I called them to service the system. Mark found a worn piston and seals in the water softener valve and replaced them. He also swapped out the filters on the reverse osmosis and the refrigerator. Excellent service!
Steve Raulerson
17:58 23 Feb 18
We live in Kopperl, Texas; a rural community, where well water is commonly used for our household use. We have no city water system, therefore all residents of our community rely on well water. Quite some time ago, we noticed a strong odor to our water, and contacted Texas Drinking Water Systems to test our water supply. While our water was determined to be safe to drink and use; the STRONG sulphur smell was, at times; almost unbearable. Whether it was washing dishes, taking a bath……even watering the yard, the odor was strongly evident. Texas Drinking Water Systems installed a filter system for us that immediately eliminated the odor in all areas except for one bathroom. This bathroom is farthest away from our well, and I can’t help but feel that maybe this was part of the problem. While at first, the odor still remained in that one bathroom, the company has worked diligently to resolve the problem in this area; and at this time, it appears that it is a problem solved.In our opinion, this company has exceptional service; with great attention to detail and superb follow-up. Any time we have contacted them; they have been very responsive in listening to our needs or concerns, then following up with a phone call or actually coming to our residence. We are very pleased with our decision to work with Texas Drinking Water Systems for our water needs.Duane & Cyndi H.
Cyndi Hutson
13:36 21 Feb 18
The service is awesome. The reason why I drink their water is mainly for my health, but the taste is also clean and pure. I use it in my tea and coffee. I take it to work and it's the only water my family will drink. I also appreciate that they are a Christian based company.
Dalila Copeland
20:30 16 Feb 18
I stopped by to purchase some water for my office today and I was super impressed with everything. Everyone was very nice and the store looked amazing inside. Quick service and friendly faces. I would recommend them to anyone.
Nabil Elshazly
03:03 28 Jun 17
Beautiful place ! Very clean! You can fill bottles from outside​ dispenser after hours.
Claudette Brown
13:53 26 Jun 17
Top quality water brought to you by top quality people. These folks are hard-working, integrity-driven people - it doesn't get much better than this.
Phil Masi
01:28 26 Jun 17
They just reopened in a new location that is very nice. The facility is upgraded and offers many drinking water options,including buying it from their outdoor taps. The water quality is superb. They also offer several in home systems. They have great service.I have been using them since 2013.
H Gerhart Smith, DO
20:29 22 Jun 17
Turnaround time is quick. They understand water chemistry like no one I've met. Great service, decent prices, and operate with integrity.
Andrew M
16:15 15 Jul 16