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We Offer Whole Home Water Solutions

We help our customers understand both the upfront costs and the ongoing operating costs of our systems including maintenance, the likelihood of replacement or repair, applicable warranties, and of course ongoing electricity, water, and salt usage.  The cheapest systems usually require the most maintenance and cost the most in the long run. With nearly all of our residential whole home systems, we recommend the Hydrotech HT-89 Valve. Click here to read about its features & benefits. It comes with a 7-year parts and labor warranty. Our media tanks come with a standard lifetime warranty. We also install storage tanks up to 5,000 gallons, UV & ozone systems, sediment & carbon filters, and various whole home water treatment systems. Here is a list of our most common solutions:

 Whole Home Hard Water (Water Softeners)

If you are dealing with calcium and magnesium deposits, scaling, corrosion, or build-up on your fixtures you most likely have hard water.  You may also notice that your tub has a lot of soap scum, that your skin is dry and itchy, your hair is lifeless or your laundry doesn’t seem “fresh.” As scale and deposits build up in your plumbing, water heater, and other appliances over time, this problem will become very costly.

Our systems can effectively eliminate these symptoms through a process called cation exchange.  Our smart valves use up to 46% less salt and 67% less water, resulting in a 57% overall reduction in operating costs when compared to a traditional meter.  Our softeners operate on an up-flow system which helps to prevent channeling and substantially improves effectiveness.  Softer water will increase the life of your water using appliances and dramatically reduce your overall maintenance and repair/replacement costs. Here are some benefits of installing a softener to combat hard water:

  • Water heater & water-using appliances last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Clothes come out of the laundry cleaner, softer AND brighter.
  • Dishes clean more easily and dry spot-free.
  • Soap & shampoo lathers better and won’t leave stains or buildup on your sinks/bathtubs.


Chlorine & Chloramines (Granular Activated Carbon or Catalytic Carbon)

Granular activated carbon (GAC) is used to filter out chlorine.  But unlike some water companies who increase their future and annual service revenue by using GAC to remove chloramines (which is a byproduct from adding ammonia to chlorine), we don’t.

We utilize a long-lasting and effective media called catalytic carbon to filter out chloramines. Even though catalytic carbon costs a bit more upfront, it should last at least twice as long as GAC.


If Your Water is Hard and Contains Chlorine and/or Chloramines

Our dual tank system is an excellent solution. The catalytic carbon tank removes chlorine/chloramines first so that your softener resin is protected from the harsh chemicals. This allows your resin to last longer and work more effectively. Because the carbon generally needs to be replaced more frequently, the separate tank allows for an easy, cost-effective replacement

More information (PDF)

Iron & Manganese Water Solutions

  • Prevent iron stains from occurring.
  • Protect your water softener equipment from “iron fouling.”
  • Protect pipes from iron clogging and black oxidation.

Iron and manganese are both common metallic elements found in the earth’s crust. Water can dissolve minerals containing iron and manganese and hold them in solution.  Colloidal iron (iron that remains suspended) causes water to take on a reddish tint. Manganese is usually dissolved in water; however, some shallow wells containing colloidal manganese have a black tint. Water containing oxidized sediments with high levels of iron and manganese is responsible for staining.

Sometimes the sediment is so excessive that it can clog water pipes. Iron will cause reddish-brown staining and manganese will cause brownish-black staining of laundry, porcelain, dishes, utensils, and glassware. Soaps and detergents are not effective on these stains, and the use of chlorine bleach, sodium, or carbonates may actually make the stains worse. Iron and manganese can also affect the color and taste of food and water.

The metals may react with tannins in coffee, tea, and some alcoholic beverages to produce a black sludge, causing an undesirable change in taste and appearance. We have multiple chemical-free options to remove iron and manganese from your water and eliminate staining.


Sulfur (H2S or Hydrogen Sulfide) Water Filtration

If you have a sulfur issue, you’ll know it.  Sometimes that rotten-egg smell creeps up on you.  It gradually intensifies when faucets sit without use for an extended period of time.

Other times the smell is overwhelming and smacks you in the face when you walk in the door.  It may come out of just the ‘hot side’ or it might be so bad that you smell it through all of your faucets.  It’s embarrassing.  Your house guests complain about the stench.  No candle or air freshener can cover up the smell.

No matter what frustration level you are experiencing, we can help you solve your sulfur problem.  We have systems that utilize catalytic carbon and air injection to neutralize the foul-smelling odor that you have grown to hate.


Whole Home Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Systems

The quality of drinking water can change with time and become contaminated with harmful bacteria. The VIQUA HOME family of compact UV disinfection systems provide a reliable, economical, and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water in any residential application. 

VIQUA’s range of products have been designed and tested to ensure quality drinking water is at everyone’s fingertips. Regardless of your need, there is a VIQUA system to suit your requirements. VIQUA offers systems that range in flow rates from just 6 GPM for a small home or cottage, up to 18 GPM for a larger home or small business.

Hot Water Heater Cleaning & Maintenance

Hot water heaters hate hard water.  (Try saying that five times as quickly as you can.)  If you are buying a new home or you have hard water that isn’t being properly treated, scaling and sediment will build up in your hot water heater.

Of course, we recommend that you get a softener as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to your appliances.  However, sometimes the damage has been done already.

If your hot water heater is not beyond repair, we can professionally clean it and help extend the life of your unit.  We charge about half of what our competitors charge.  Call us today for a free estimate.

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